This website Conveyancer Maitland has been created by local real estate agents, Hunter Valley Property Group to help people to find the right conveyancer. Just like real estate agents, all conveyancers are different and there's little information available online to help people make an informed decision.

As real estate agents, we don't provide conveyancing services or recommend any particular conveyancer but we do assist many buyers and sellers through the process and we recognise the value of sharing their experience with others. As such, we created this free referral service and conveyancer directory to give our clients a voice and allow them to recommend their conveyancer to others.

So much more goes on during the process of buying and purchasing a property than simply signing a few papers. It is a complicated business that can have huge ramifications on the outcome of the home sale. Any last minute conditions must be dealt with before the conveyance can come to a close.

The process that occurs when you buy or sell property is called conveyance. This is the legal and binding transfer of property from one individual (or entitiy) to another. The process of transfer involves a number of contracts and can involve additional parties such as solictors. The end goal is that the buyer receives a authentic and legitimate title to the property. This is of course assuming that the seller possesses the right to sell the property from a legal perspective. Conveyance is typically comprised of two elements, the exchange of contracts and completion. There are also three distinct stages of conveyance, before contract, before settlement, and post settlement.

In Australia, the process of conveyance may be different in each state or territory, however the basics of the act are similar. Representatives of the buyer, seller and the mortgage lender meet and exchange the necessary legal papers. There are a large number of legal documents that change hands at this stage; deeds are the primary documents that are involved at this stage however this is also the time when financial documents such as promissory notes, mortgage papers, pro rata property taxes, title insurance and such are dealt with.

If you are buying or selling property, choosing the right conveyancer will be one of the most important choices you make as the right conveyancer can literally mean the difference between winning a property or losing it to another buyer. Please take the time to gather as much information and feedback as possible, including using our free service to help you find the right conveyancer for you.